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Cheese and Curd Quota - Frequently asked questions

What is the cheese and curd quota? How do I claim the quota?


The objective of the scheme is to improve the competitiveness of the Australian dairy industry through a combination of quota restrictions and tariff reductions.


Certain types of cheese and curd that can be imported at a concessional rate of duty is restricted to 11,500 tonnes a year. These cheeses and curds may be imported outside the 11,500 quota, but a higher rate of duty applies.

Types of cheese and curd covered

  • • Fresh (unripened or uncured) cheese, (including whey cheese, and curd)
  • • Grated or powdered cheese of all kinds
  • • Processed cheese
  • • Blue-veined cheese (excluding roquefort and stilton)
  • • Certain other cheese.

Types of cheese and curd not covered

  • • Roquefort and stilton
  • • Cheese made wholly from goat milk other than fetta or kasseri
  • • Surface-ripened soft cheese - for example, camembert and brie
  • • Any cheese and curd eligible for New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, South Pacific Forum Island Countries, Singapore, United States of America or Thailand preference.

Cheese and curd not covered by the Scheme may be imported duty free.

General tariff rates

Inside quota rate: $0.096/kg ($96/tonne)

Outside quota rate: $1.220/kg ($1,220/tonne)

Please note the Customs Tariff should be checked to ensure these rates remain current.

Quota allocation

In July each year, the quota (of 11,500 tonnes of cheese and curd) allocated to importers is in direct proportion to their past imports quota during a particular period.

Obtaining a quota

Importers may apply for quota by transfer from a current quota holder (either directly or through quota brokers). The names of quota holders are published in the Commonwealth of Australia Tariff Concessions Gazette (see below).

Applying for a transfer

An application to receive quota by transfer must be lodged with Customs on Form B235, available on the Customs and Border Protection website. Applications should be lodged well before importation.

Publication of quota holders

The names of importers who have an allocated quota are published in a Commonwealth of Australia Tariff Concessions Gazette each July. Details of any quota transfers are published in the Gazette every week.

For further information contact:

Tariff Operations
Australian Customs and Border Protection Service
Telephone: 02 6275 6239
Fax: 02 6275 6376

For quota transfer applications contact:

National Manager
Cargo & Trade
Australian Customs Service
5 Constitution Avenue

Cheese and Curd Quota Scheme Fact Sheet