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Guide for travellers - Know before you go

English version of the Guide for travellers – Know before you go Updated July 2014 (PDF 7.93 MB)

Guide for travellers is also available in the following languages (updated November 2013):

PDF icon Arabic (832 Kb)

PDF Chinese - Simplified (975 Kb)

PDF Chinese - Traditional (994 Kb)


PDF French (635 Kb)


PDF German (637 Kb)


PDF Greek (709 Kb)

PDF Indonesian (638 Kb)

Bahasa Indonesia

PDF Italian (642 Kb)


PDF Japanese (839 Kb)


PDF Korean (891 Kb)


PDF Malaysian (643 Kb)

Bahasa Malaysia

PDF Spanish (641 Kb)

PDF Thai (675 Kb)

PDF Vietnamese (717 Kb)

  Tips for travellers 
  Departing or Arriving: what you must know 
  Baggage Examination and Questioning
Departing travellers 
  Documents required for Customs clearance 
  Items you must declare on departure Carrying expensive items 
  Carrying expensive items 
  Did you know? 
  Tourist Refund Scheme 
Arriving travellers 
  Documents required for Customs clearance 
  Sea travellers 
  Items you must declare on arrival 
  Did you know? 
Duty free concession 
  If you have anything in excess of your duty free concession 
  Payment of Customs Duty / Tax 
  Business travellers 
  Notice to domestic passengers travelling on an international cruise ship 
  Unaccompanied goods 
Quarantine (agriculture) reference guide 
  Can you bring it in? 
Unaccompanied effects statement (form B534) 
Temporary importations 
The Department of Immigration and Border Protection website provides intending visitors to Australia important information on visas, immigration and other issues which impact on all visitors to Australia. 

Essential information for Military forces updated August 2012 (102KB)