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Customs and Border Protection Marine Unit - careers, recruitment

Customs and Border Protection Marine Unit

A career with the Customs and Border Protection Marine Unit (Marine Unit) is a unique role that requires an officer to spend extended periods at sea patrolling Australian waters.

Our officers operate in an environment that is dynamic, fast paced, rewarding and challenging. Marine unit officers face a number of uncertainties including weather conditions and maritime threats.  Marine Unit officers can sometimes work in extreme conditions ranging from cyclonic conditions of the tropics through to the intense sea conditions in the Southern Ocean. Working in the marine environment is like no other career.

Marine Unit officers are at the front line of protecting Australia’s borders and the Australian community and maintaining Australia’s national maritime security.

You will find information here about various positions within the Marine Unit and what to expect during recruitment, training and on the job.

A career with the Marine Unit requires officers to spend lengthy periods at sea. Officers operate in an armed environment often in challenging conditions. Before applying for a Marine Unit role, please be sure to read the following sections before you consider applying;

Following employment with the Marine Unit, officers will undertake a specialised residential full-time training program. On successful completion of training, officers are deployed on patrols on Customs and Border Protection vessels to undertake maritime enforcement activities within areas of importance to Australia.

All positions are advertised on this website.