Australian Government - Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

To protect Australia's borders and foster lawful trade and travel.

What to expect

Recruitment process

Our recruitment and selection process has been designed to ensure you meet the suitability requirements and have the necessary values, skills and qualities needed to perform in a challenging and demanding position.

Due to the pre-employment requirements associated with Border Force Recruit recruitment you may find the process takes longer than you expect. Below is a link to an information guide outlining the timeframe expected with this recruitment process.

Please note this table is intended to be a guide only to help you establish a realistic expectation of the length of the recruitment process. Timeframes may change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Border Force Recruit Proposed Timeline


  • Position Advertised: 15 September to 5 October
  • Closing Date: 5 October
  • OCAT (Cognitive Testing): second week of October
  • Video Interviewing: late October
  • Medical and fitness Assessments: late October to early November
  • OPQ (Occupational Personality Questionnaire): second week of November
  • Assessment Centres; November and early December
  • Order of Merit: Mid-December
  • AGSVA Clearance: Mid-December to end of January
  • OSA Clearance: Mid-December to end of January
  • On-boarding: February

Is a career in Customs and Border Protection for you?

The nature of Customs and Border Protection work suits some people more than others.

The following scenarios are a snapshot of four experiences of Border Force Recruits. They are insights into the different experiences and challenges you might face in your day-to-day activities as an Customs and Border Protection Officer.