Australian Government - Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

To protect Australia's borders and foster lawful trade and travel.

Consultation and Legislation

Legislation administered by Customs and Border Protection

Customs and Border Protection work involves a range of legislation.  The following links are provided to the most commonly used legislation:

For up to date information on the Customs Tariff, refer to the Customs Tariff web page.

Other legislation

Customs and Border Protection is also involved in a range of work that involves legislation administered by other Government Departments. For example, some Customs and Border Protection officers perform functions provided for in the Migration Act 1958, which is administered by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

The Commonwealth maintains a separate website dedicated to legislation at This website can be used to find Acts, Regulations and other legislative instruments.


Customs and Border Protection is committed to consulting with industry when preparing its legislation program and in relation to proposed legislation which may have an impact on commercial operations. Consultation will be subject to sensitivities and deadlines.

Customs and Border Protection will consult with industry in accordance with the policies and procedures sets out in the Practice Statement: Industry Engagement in the Development of Customs Legislation.

Current consultation

There are no current consultations.

Bills before the Parliament

There are currently no bills before Parliament.

Annual Regulatory Plan

Each Commonwealth Government agency that has responsibility for business regulation is required to publish an annual regulatory plan on its website early in each financial year outlining recent changes to existing legislation and planned activities that could lead to regulatory change.

Regulatory plans provide business operators, business representatives and the public with access to information about changes to Australian Government business regulation.

How up-to-date is information in the annual regulatory plan?

The information relating to the Annual Regulatory Plan is current as at 29 July 2013. Readers should note that the Plan is periodically updated to reflect the latest legislative change information/activities.