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How SmartGate works

Before you use SmartGate

When you check in you need to ensure the name printed on your boarding pass exactly matches your name printed on your ePassport. This ensures you will have an easier experience using SmartGate.

Using SmartGate

Using SmartGate is a simple, two-step process involving a kiosk and a gate.

Step 1 involves the kiosk and checks if you are eligible to self-process.

Step 2 involves the gate, which performs the identity check and clearance.

Step 1:

  • Look for the SmartGate kiosk located on the concourses or at passport control.
  • Place your ePassport into the reader and use the touch screen to answer standard declarations.
  • The kiosk will issue you a SmartGate ticket which you will need for step 2.

SmartGate Kiosk

Step 2:

  • Insert your SmartGate ticket.
  • Look at the camera while your face is compared to your ePassport photo.
  • Retrieve your ticket and when the gates open, proceed to the baggage hall.


SmartGate videos