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The Australia-Chile Free Trade Agreement (ACl-FTA) entered into force on 6 March 2009. Under the ACl-FTA, goods qualifying as Chilean originating goods by meeting the requirements of the ACl-FTA Rules of Origin, may enter Australia at preferential rates of duty.  The same Rules of Origin apply for Australian originating goods entering Chile.

More information on the ACl-FTA is available via the following links.

Australian Customs Notices
Practice Statement and Associated Documents
Claiming preference under the Integrated Cargo System (ICS)
  • Integrated Cargo System - claiming preferential rates
    When claiming preferential tariff rates under the Australia - Chile Free Trade Agreement the following apply:

    Preference Scheme Type
    Type   Description of Preference Scheme  Scheme Abbreviation
     CL  Australia - Chile Free Trade Agreement   ACl-FTA 

    Preference Rule Types
    Scheme   Description of Preference Arrangement
    POM  Produced entirely from originating materials 
    PS  Product specific rules 
    WO  Wholly obtained goods 
Origin Rulings

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