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What is SmartGate?

SmartGate gives eligible travellers the option to self-process through passport control. It provides a secure, efficient way to clear through passport control.

SmartGate uses the data in your ePassport and face recognition technology to perform the customs and immigration checks usually conducted by a Customs and Border Protection officer.

Who can use SmartGate?

You are eligible to use SmartGate to self-process through Australia's passport control if you hold an ePassport from the following countries and are aged 16 years or over:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America
  • Singapore.

Under trial arrangements, you can also use SmartGate if you hold:

  • a Switzerland (Swiss), Canadian or Irish ePassport, and are aged 16 years or over.
  • an Australian ePassport, are aged 10-15 years old and are travelling with a minimum of two adults.

Airline crew who meet these criteria can choose to use SmartGate instead of going through the crew lane.

Australian and New Zealand ePassport holders travelling on military orders are not eligible to use SmartGate.