Australian Customs Service
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Letter of Transmittal

List of figures


Review by the CEO

Overview of Customs 

Performance reporting

Outcome - Effective border management that, with minimal disruption to legitimate trade and travel, prevents illegal movement across the border, raises revenue and provides trade statistics

Output 1 - Facilitation of the legitimate movement of goods across the border and ensuring compliance

Output 2 - Facilitation of the legitimate movement of people across the border, while identifying illegal movements

Output 3 - Civil maritime surveillance and response

Output 4 - Administration of Customs duty and indirect taxes, other border-related revenue collections, and import/export statistics

Output 5 - Anti-dumping and countervailing administration

Enabling Outputs

Corporate governance

Management of human resources

Corporate resource management 

Accountability to clients


External scrutiny

Financial statements

Audited financial statements

Agency statements

Administered schedule

Report by the Auditor-General

Statement by the Chief Executive and Chief Finance Officer

Statement of financial performance

Statement of financial position

Statement of cash flows

Schedule of commitments

Schedule of contingencies

Schedule of administered items

Notes to and forming part of the financial statements


A - Occupational health and safety

B - Freedom of Information

C - Advertising and market research

D - Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act 1977

E - Commonwealth Disability Strategy

F - Correction of errors

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