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Jet Pilot Australia Pty Ltd

Trade marks and copyright - notices of objection

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Representative company name: Jet Pilot Australia Pty Ltd
Representative phone: (07) 5665 8333
Category: Trade Mark
Expiry date: 18/08/2014

DescriptionClassClass descriptionRegistration
JET PILOT 09Life saving apparatus and equipment including life jackets and life vests in class 9, none of the foregoing being for use by jet pilots 498178
JET PILOT 18All goods in class 18 498178
JET PILOT 22Bags, tents, and awnings, all being goods in class 22498178
JET PILOT 25Clothing of neoprene, artificial stretchable materials and like materials for use in recreational water sports498178
JET PILOT 09Spectacles including sunglasses, eyeglasses; goggles 1072462
JET PILOT 16Printed matter; stickers 1072462
JET PILOT 25Wetsuits; clothing including casual wear 1072462
JET PILOT 28Water skis; wave boards; knee boards; inflatable water sports equipment, water ski ropes, harnesses, and handles; toys, not being in the form or shape of jet pilots; playthings not being in the form or shape of jet pilots; water sports equipment856642