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Bombardier Recreational Products Inc

Trade marks and copyright - notices of objection

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Representative company name: Minter Ellison Lawyers
Representative phone: (03) 8608 2274
Category: Trade Mark
Expiry date: 02/09/2014

DescriptionClassClass descriptionRegistration
SEA DOO 12Watercraft 485324
SEA-DOO 25Clothing, footwear and headgear produced and designed for the sport of riding personal watercraft 632427
SEA-DOO 04Industrial oils and greases; lubricants; fuels (including motor spirits) and illuminants; fuels, oils, greases, fuel stabilizers; non-chemical motor oil additives and non-chemical fuel additives for watercraft; candles 1052993
SEA-DOO 05First-aid kits; safety kits for watercraft, including: ropes, whistles, aluminium blankets, flashlights, pins, floating devices1052993
SEA-DOO 06Metal objects, including: die-cast models, key-chain trinkets and fobs, key holders; tool-boxes; license plates; license plate frames; metallic signs; metal mechanical keys, locks and key fobs; collapsible vehicle garages (metal); floating metal docks; tool boxes of metal1052993
SEA-DOO 07Machines and machine tools; machine coupling and transmission components (except for land vehicles); motors and engines for non-land vehicles, including: for watercraft and structural parts thereof; vehicle jacks 1052993
SEA-DOO 08Tools and multi-purpose knives; pocket knives; hand tools and sets thereof; pocket multi-tool units; flatware, including: forks, knives, and spoons 1052993
SEA-DOO 09Protective watercraft jackets; protective watercraft goggles; protective kidney belts; protective watercraft suits; protective watercraft helmets; protective watercraft vests; protective watercraft shorts; protective watercraft pants; protective watercraft gloves; protective watercraft suits; protective watercraft shoes; DVD's; CD-ROMs; videocassettes; diagnostic software for watercraft; data processing equipment and computers; video game software; magnetically encoded cards, including: credit cards and telephone cards; electronically encoded cards, including: credit cards and telephone cards; neon signs; reflective arm bands; eye-glasses; sunglasses; eye-glass cases; sunglasses cases; binoculars; whistles; fire extinguishers; protective knee pads; electronic and electromechanical keys and locks and key fobs; mouse pads; electronic greeting cards; avalanche probes; walkie-talkies; karabiner with multi-functions electronic display; video game cartridges; tachometers; speedometers; waterproof bags to protect electronic and/or video equipment; cell phone videogames; telephones and mobile telephones; hand-held GPS devices; wallpaper for cell phones and computers; water goggles; protective boots; compasses; batteries for vehicles; life vests; wet suits1052993
SEA-DOO 11Lamps; flashlights; barbecues1052993
SEA-DOO 12Recreational vehicles, including: personal watercraft and structural parts therefor and sport boat and structural parts therefor; fitted and semi-fitted watercraft covers and fitted and semi-fitted watercraft trailer covers; watercraft trailers; watercraft accessories, including: rock deflectors, splash guards, mud flaps, fender trim, rear and front bumpers; backrests; trailer hitches; vehicle lifts; removable vehicle tops; shock absorber protectors; headlight molding rear vent kits; windshields; cargo nets and tie-down cords; tire covers; tires; bicycles; protective coverings for handlebars; boat fenders; bimini tops; personal marine propulsion vehicle with motorized propeller used to pull swimmers, divers and/or snorkelers; strollers; wheel chairs; unicycles; tricycles; kayaks; canoes row boats; paddles; wakeboard towers; marine propellers; pedal boats; motorized surf boards; motorized body boards; motorized kayaks; water bikes; motorized pedal boats; electric scooter; electric boat, vehicle windshield sunscreens; vehicle sun shades; seat covers; mooring cleats; shock tubes; motorized inflatable floating watercraft for children; inflatable boat and watercraft fenders; inflatable kayaks1052993
SEA-DOO 14Fine and imitation jewelry, including: pins, clips, clocks; watches; watch cases; watch bands; stop watches 1052993
SEA-DOO 16Plastic materials for packaging, cardboard; photographs; paper goods, including: magazines, brochures, catalogs, manuals, technical publications (shop manuals, parts catalogues, owner's manuals, technical plans, charts, drawings, user manuals), posters, lithographs, calendars, diaries, memo blocks, decals kits, labels, badges, flags, maps, banners and pennants, coloring books, scrap books, address books, address labels, photo albums, appointment books, loose-leaf binders, bumper stickers, stickers, paper clips, pens, pencils, pen and pencil sets, gift wrapping paper, gift wrapping bags, greeting cards, post cards, note cards, trading cards, paper figurines, books; stationery, including: writing paper, note paper, envelopes; book ends; non-magnetically encoded cards; tattoo transfers; credit cards without magnetic coding; coupons; desktop business card holders; letter openers; paper flags; lottery tickets and lottery cards; coasters made of paper1052993
SEA-DOO 18Bags and cases, including: tote bags, sports bags, traveling bags, duffel bags, luggage, suitcases, suit bags, trunks, carrying cases, hand bags, wallets, gym bags, helmet bags, trunk bags, saddlebags, watercraft tunnel bags, vehicle tank bags; leaches and collars; leather key-chain trinkets; utility pouches; umbrellas; parasols and walking sticks; back packs; school bags; water ballast bags; sandbags anchors1052993
SEA-DOO 19Non-metal floating watercraft docks 1052993
SEA-DOO 20Plastic objects, including: plastic key-chain trinkets, snowball replicas, plastic key-chain trinkets and fobs; plastic key holders; portable fuel containers; non-metal storage racks for ski and sports equipment; stools; non-metallic signs; mirrors; watercraft dock furniture; beach furniture; sleeping bags; 1052993
SEA-DOO 21Household or kitchen utensils and containers (not of precious metal or coated therewith); brush-making materials; articles for cleaning purposes, glassware, porcelain and earthenware, including: mugs, travel mugs, cups, glasses, pitchers, bottles, plates, bowls, serving platters, teapots, coffee pots, candlesticks and candleholders; portable coolers; toothbrushes; temperature-retaining containers and vessels; trash cans; plastic coasters; insulated bags; non-metal tool boxes; license plate frames1052993
SEA-DOO 22Tents; hammocks; all-purpose straps; lanyards for holding eyeglasses; unfitted vehicle covers; anchoring ropes; mooring lines 1052993
SEA-DOO 27Carpets, rugs, mats and matting, linoleum and other materials for covering existing floors; vehicle floor mats; wall-hangings; wallpaper 1052993
SEA-DOO 28Games and playthings, gymnastic and sporting articles; toys, including: miniaturized watercraft and radio controlled model watercraft; plush toys; stress toys; jigsaw puzzles; 3-D puzzles; board games; printed lottery scratch cards; water skis; waterski handles; waterski rope handles; water tubes; water trampolines; wakeboards; phone replicas; balloons; Christmas ornaments; flying discs; inflatable water toys; watercraft footstepper toys; battery powered ride on toy vehicles; playing cards; beach toys; foam toys; floating recreational lounge chairs; foam toys; inflatable pools for recreational use; skateboards; battery powered ride on toy vehicles; fishing equipment; video arcade machines; body boards; surf boards; wake skates; wake surf boards; balls of all sizes and shapes; plastic slides (pool side or floating on raft); kites; inflatable bath toys; inflatable inner tubes for aquatic recreational use; inflatable pools for recreational use; inflatable ride-on toys; inflatable swimming pools (play articles); inflatable thin rubber toys; inflatable ride-on toys; inflatable thin rubber toys; inflatable toys; water hammocks; radio antenna balls1052993