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Australian Timken Pty Ltd

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Representative company name: Australian Timken Pty Ltd
Representative phone: (03) 5320 2700
Category: Trade Mark
Expiry date: 13/09/2014

DescriptionClassClass descriptionRegistration
TIMKEN 12Brakes and braking systems for vehicles; worms, gears and transmissions (all for land vehicle propulsion systems), axles for motor vehicles, and parts included in class 12 of the aforesaid goods; wheels (not part of machines)158549
TIMKEN 07Roller bearing being parts of machinery,35103
TIMKEN 07Roller bearing and parts thereof included in class7, bearing housings, covers, closures, and parts for bearing housings; journal boxes, journal box covers, closures, spacers, and parts for journal boxes; closures for lubricant flingers; brakes and brake systems and parts thereof; worms and gears; engine transmissions; axles; wheels; and pulleys, 158548
TIMKEN 04Lubricants 913532
TIMKEN 07Lubricators913532
TIMKEN 12Structural parts of vehicles94428
TIMKEN roller-bearin, incomplete atop gear07Roller bearings; spherical plain bearings; ball bearings; engine bearings; machine parts, namely, bearings1354897
TIMKEN roller-bearin, incomplete atop gear12Axle bearings for land vehicles; wheel bearings for land vehicles 1354897
TIMKEN 09Hand-held monitor systems, namely transmitters, receivers and software, that detect levels of temperature and vibration in industrial bearings, gears and other machine parts1019170
TIMKEN 06Steel and alloy steel in ingot, billet, bloom, bar, tube, and other forms1338430
TIMKEN 06Bearings and parts thereof, and steel tubing, as metal goods94408