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Moroccanoil Israel Limited

Trade marks and copyright - notices of objection

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Representative company name: Blake Dawson
Representative phone: 02 9258 6000
Category: Trade Mark
Expiry date: 13/01/2015

DescriptionClassClass descriptionRegistration
M MOROCCANOIL 03Hair care products, including oil, mask, moisture cream, curly hair moisture cream, curly hair mask, curly and damaged hair mask, rassoul mask, argan and saffron shampoo, hair loss shampoo, dandruff shampoo, dry hair shampoo, hair loss ampoules, dandruff ampoules, gel, glisten spray, mousse, conditioner, hair spray; skin care products in this class; skin cleansers; skin toners; skin moisturizers; anti-aging cream; eye cream; beauty masks; body creams; hand creams; non-medicated foot cream; eye makeup; foundation makeup; lip liner, lipsticks and lip balms; eyeliners; blushes; eye shadow; nail enamels; toiletries and cosmetics including shaving preparations, shaving creams and soaps, after shave creams and lotions, body massage creams and oils, soaps, bath oils and shower gels, talcum powders; antiperspirants; dentifrices; sunscreen and suntan oils and creams; fragrances in this class, including perfumes, colognes, essences and essential oils 1221017