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Stokes (Australasia) Limited

Trade marks and copyright - notices of objection

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Representative company name: Blake Dawson
Representative phone: 03 9679 3000
Category: Trade Mark
Expiry date: 18/01/2015

DescriptionClassClass descriptionRegistration
spiral and coil forming stove element & hotplate device11Heaters, stoves, radiators, heating elements, infra-red heaters and supports for heating elements and parts thereof falling within Class 11 366545
EUTRON 11Electric heating elements, electric toasters 180554
Stokes 11Cooking rings; fittings, shaped for ovens; grills (cooking appliances); immersion heaters; heaters for heating irons; heating elements; heating plates; hot plates; water heaters 664467
Stokes 14Badges, of precious metal; medallions (jewellery), including medallions of precious metal and not of precious metal; medals; and wares in precious metals or coated therewith 764021
Stokes 20Name plates (not of metal); name tags in this class, particularly plastic name tags; name bars in this class, particularly plastic name bars; name plates in this class, particularly plastic name plates; and plastic badges 764021
Stokes 26Badges for wear, not of precious metal; badges (ornamental novelty); name bars, not of precious metal 764021
THE STOKES MINT THOMAS STOKES 1856 man's head bearded spectacles in coin or circle06Small items of metal hardware, pipes and tubes of metal, ducts of metal for central heating installations, ducts of metal for ventilating and air conditioning installations, badges of metal for vehicles, ladders of metal, valves of metal (other than parts of machines), water-pipe valves of metal and goods of common metal not included in other classes 664472
THE STOKES MINT THOMAS STOKES 1856 mans head bearded spectacles in coin or circle14Badges of precious metal, non-electric coffee pots of precious metal, copper tokens, cuff links, goblets of precious metal, household containers of precious metal, household utensils of precious metal, jugs of precious metal, medallions (jewellery), medals, pepper pots of precious metal, salt cellars of precious metal, salt shakers of precious metal, services (tableware) of precious metal, silver and gold ware, other than cutlery, forks and spoons, silver ornaments, silver plates and dishes, sugar bowls of precious metal, tankards of precious metal, tea caddies of precious metal, tea infusers of precious metal, tea services of precious metal, teapots of precious metal, tea strainers of precious metal, trays of precious metal for household purposes, vases of precious metal, works of art of precious metal, and wares in precious metals or coated therewith, not included in other classes 664473