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Benefit Cosmetics LLC

Trade marks and copyright - notices of objection

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Representative company name: Allens
Representative phone: 03 9613 8214
Category: Trade Mark
Expiry date: 21/02/2015

DescriptionClassClass descriptionRegistration
"HELLO FLAWLESS!" 03Face powder 1273082
B.RIGHT! 03Cosmetics; non-medicated skin care preparations 1398700
BELLA BAMBA 03Cosmetics; face powder 1398730
BeneFit 03Cleansing creams, night creams, facial creams, skin fresheners, astringents, masques or facial packs, bath oils, colognes, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, rouge, liquid rouge, body lotions, sun tan lotion, and sun tan ultraviolet block; lip colours, lip pencils, concealers, cheek colours, cleansers, toners, cremes, blemish treatments, highlighters, foundations, powders, body/hand preparations (cleansers and lotions), self tanning products, hair preparations, and nail preparations 748315
BENEFIT 03Soaps; perfumery; essential oils; cosmetics; hair lotions; dentifrices; fragrances; cologne; eau de toilette; fragrances for personal use and cosmetics; colour cosmetics; facial cosmetics; eye shadow; mascara; lipstick; lip gloss; rouge; nail polish; makeup; concealer; skin care products; body scrub; moisturizer; cleaning creams; night creams; skin fresheners; astringents; masques and facial packs; sun tanning preparations; body lotions; body and foot care products; bath salts and oils; cosmetic bath and shower preparations; hair care products; deodorants; nail care products; blemish treatments; powders 1182473
CORALISTA 03Cosmetics 1273081
ERASE PASTE 03Cosmetics 1273085
FAKEUP 03Cosmetics and concealers 1396152
GIRL MEETS PEARL 03Cosmetics; luminescent facial lotion 1392291
LAUGH WITH ME LEELEE 03Perfumery 1273084
MY PLACE OR YOURS GINA 03Perfumery 1273080
POWDERFLAGE 03Cosmetics1273079
SOMETHING ABOUT SOFIA 03Perfumery 1273083
STAY DON'T STRAY 03Eye primer and concealer; cosmetics 1292580
THE POREFESSIONAL 03Cosmetics; skincare preparations, namely facial lotions and makeup primer 1338726
THEY'RE REAL 03Cosmetics; mascara 1401142
THRRROB 03Cosmetics 1259132
WATT'S UP 03Cosmetics; facial highlighter 1398744