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Trade marks and copyright - notices of objection

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Representative company name: Danoz Direct Pty Ltd
Representative phone: 02 9545 1400
Category: Trade Mark
Expiry date: 01/04/2015

DescriptionClassClass descriptionRegistration
3 MINUTE LEGS pair of legs atop clockface in num 328Manually-operated exercise equipment 1291273
3 MINUTE LEGS 28Manually-operated exercise equipment 1280115
AB DOER TWIST twist & dot forms ltrs wi28Manually operated exercise equipment; exercise machines 1293659
AB-DOer 28Manually operated exercise equipment; exercise machines 1334432
FLAVORWAVE OVEN 11Domestic electric appliances, namely, electric appliance that cooks and reheats food using infrared technology in the nature of an oven 1279114
FLAVORWAVE OVEN TURBO 2 ribbons intersecting11Domestic cooking ovens 1280894
H20 MOP 07Multi-purpose steam cleaners; steam cleaning machines1230756
H20 VAC 07Vacuum cleaners 1230757
H2O M O rectangle,rounded-corners breaks ltrs m & o07Multi-purpose steam cleaners; steam cleaning machines 1231571
H2O MOP ULTRA drop, divided07Multi-purpose steam cleaners 1241790
H2O V O rectangle, rounded-corners breaks ltrs v & o07Vacuum cleaners1231536
SILHOUETTE SLIM 'N LIFT womman wears gridle25Girdles 1243217
SLIM 'N LIFT 25Women's foundations 1230702
SLIM'N LIFT SUPREME COMFORT woman dancer, styl. with ribbons25Girdles 1239040
TOTAL VIBES 28Exercise machines for home use, namely vibrating platform fitness machine 1237739
V H2O TURBO endless belt breaks drop07Vacuum cleaners; multi-purpose steam cleaners; steam cleaning machines 1243225