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Canadian Solar (USA), Inc.

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Representative company name: Spruson & Ferguson
Representative phone: 02 9393 0100
Category: Trade Mark
Expiry date: 21/09/2015

DescriptionClassClass descriptionRegistration
CANADIAN SOLAR sun, rays, incomplete06Ingots1322222
CANADIAN SOLAR sun, rays, incomplete09Photovoltaic cells; photovoltaic panels; solar cells; wafers; solar chargers; solar lighting; solar signalling; GPS solar system consisting of GPS controller, solar powering unit and GPS display; home solar system consisting of photovoltaic panel, controller, inverter and battery; J-box; cables; converters; controller, battery and photovoltaic panel for use in water pumping systems; solar-powered consumer electronics; solar-powered consumer appliance; thin film cell; solar module consisting of an array of solar cells for solar energy collection and conversion; grid connected power system consisting of photovoltaic array, mounting system, wiring, combiner, inverter, grid interconnect, transformer; stand-alone power system consisting of photovoltaic array, mounting system, wiring, inverter, charge controller, battery 1322222