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Trade Marks and copyright - Notices of Objection

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Name of objectorCategoryExpiry date
3M Company Trade Mark08/03/2016
A & B Motorsports Pty Ltd Trade Mark06/09/2017
Abercrombie and Fitch Europe SA Trade Mark09/02/2016
ABN International Pty Ltd Trade Mark18/07/2016
Abraxis Bioscience, LLC Trade Mark28/11/2015
Absolute International Pty Ltd Copyright01/11/2016
Absolute International Pty Ltd Trade Mark01/11/2016
Acushnet Company Trade Mark15/06/2016
adidas Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark23/02/2015
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc Trade Mark03/05/2015
Agrotiki Viomichania Galaktos Ipirou Dodoni A.E. Trade Mark08/02/2017
Ahiida Pty Ltd Trade Mark26/07/2016
Aitex Sales Pty Ltd Trade Mark16/08/2016
Akubra Hats Pty Ltd Trade Mark10/10/2017
Albright & Wilson (Australia) Limited Trade Mark16/10/2016
Alfred Dunhill Limited Trade Mark26/08/2015
ALI (AUSTRALIA) PTY LIMITED Trade Mark03/09/2017
Allied Domecq Spirits & Wine Limited Trade Mark03/04/2017
Alpargatas SA Copyright28/09/2016
Alpinestars Research S.R.L Trade Mark17/04/2017
Altama Delta Corporation Trade Mark23/06/2015
AMAR SINGH CHAWAL WALA Trade Mark09/07/2017
ANALOG DEVICES, INC Trade Mark27/02/2018
Andreas Stihl AG & Co KG Trade Mark04/02/2015
Anheuser-Busch InBev S.A Trade Mark19/12/2017
Anheuser-Busch, LLC Trade Mark05/09/2017
Apex Brands, Inc Trade Mark06/06/2015
Apple Pty Ltd Trade Mark16/08/2015
Apple Pty Ltd Copyright16/08/2015
ARB Corporation Limited Trade Mark04/04/2016
Arjah Mediterranean Fine Foods Pty Ltd Trade Mark18/07/2015
Aromamatic Products Pty Ltd Copyright15/05/2016
Asics Corporation Trade Mark08/01/2015
Assa Abloy AB Trade Mark09/02/2018
Assa Abloy Financial Services AB Trade Mark09/02/2018
Assa Abloy IP AB Trade Mark09/02/2018
Austral Lock Pty Ltd Trade Mark12/01/2016
Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society Ltd (AMCOS) Copyright01/02/2015
Australia Tennis Supplies Trade Mark02/11/2014
Australian Brushware Corporation Pty Ltd Trade Mark09/04/2018
Australian Football League (AFL) Trade Mark18/04/2015
Australian Health and Nutrition Association Limited Trade Mark12/08/2016
Australian Made Campaign Ltd Trade Mark17/08/2014
Australian Olympic Committee, Inc Olympic23/01/2018
Australian Performance Development Pty Ltd Copyright12/09/2017
Australian Performance Development Pty Ltd Trade Mark12/09/2017
Australian Rugby League Commission Limited (NRL) Trade Mark22/06/2016
Australian Rugby Union Limited Trade Mark20/05/2017
Australian Timken Pty Ltd Trade Mark13/09/2014
Australtech Pty Ltd Trade Mark09/05/2017
Avon Products Pty Limited Trade Mark27/05/2015
B.A.T. Trims Pty Ltd (Bat) Copyright22/01/2017
B.A.T. Trims Pty Ltd (Bat) Trade Mark22/01/2017
Babyliss SARL Trade Mark18/09/2017
Bag Catchers Pty Ltd Trade Mark07/06/2015
Banksia Glen International Pty Ltd Trade Mark10/05/2017
Basic Trademark S.A. Trade Mark22/05/2016
Bayer Aktiengesellschaft Trade Mark27/11/2016
Beachbody, LLC Trade Mark06/12/2016
Beats Electronics, Llc Trade Mark22/02/2016
Beaute Prestige International Trade Mark26/06/2016
Beautopia Hair and Beauty Pty Limited Trade Mark25/03/2017
Beautopia Hair and Beauty Pty Limited Copyright27/03/2017
Beiersdorf Aktiengesellschaft Trade Mark26/06/2016
Benefit Cosmetics LLC Trade Mark21/02/2015
BIC Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark20/06/2015
Bickford's Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark27/04/2015
Bio-Medical Research Limited Trade Mark28/03/2015
Birkenstock Orthopaedie GmbH & Co KG Trade Mark29/09/2014
Bit MB Pty Ltd Trade Mark28/01/2015
Blancpain SA Trade Mark11/09/2016
Bloomfield Manufacturing Co. Inc Trade Mark26/08/2015
Blu Galaxy Trading Pty Ltd Trade Mark06/08/2017
BMW AG (Bayerische Motoren Werke Atkiengesellschaft) Trade Mark12/05/2015
Bombardier Recreational Products Inc Trade Mark02/09/2014
Bonds Industries Pty Ltd Trade Mark19/03/2016
Bose Corporation Trade Mark04/07/2016
Bostik Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark22/11/2017
Bostik Australia Pty Ltd Copyright22/11/2017
Bottega Veneta International SARL Trade Mark01/08/2015
Brand Developers Aust Pty Ltd Trade Mark10/01/2016
Brand Developers Aust Pty Ltd Copyright10/01/2016
Brands United Group Pty Ltd Trade Mark16/04/2017
Brauerei Beck GmbH & Co. Kg Trade Mark14/01/2018
Bridgestone Australia Ltd Trade Mark29/03/2015
British American Tobacco Australia Limited Trade Mark26/10/2015
British Lions Limited Trade Mark24/05/2017
Brivis Climate Systems Pty Ltd Trade Mark12/01/2016
BROOKS SPORTS INC Copyright14/10/2014
Brooks Sports, Inc Trade Mark14/10/2014
BT Engineering Pty Ltd Trade Mark24/12/2014
BTicino SpA Trade Mark10/07/2016
Bulgari S.p.a Trade Mark13/04/2016
Burberry Limited Trade Mark04/03/2017
Buyers Independent Group Australia Limited Trade Mark25/07/2017
Caesarstone Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark20/09/2015
California Board Sports, Incorporated Trade Mark17/03/2015
Callaway Golf Company Pty Ltd Trade Mark31/08/2016
Callaway Golf South Pacific Pty Ltd Trade Mark31/08/2016
Calvin Klein Trademark Trust Trade Mark27/01/2015
Calvista Australia Pty Ltd Copyright07/05/2017
Canadelle Limited Partnership Trade Mark26/08/2015
Canadian Solar (USA), Inc. Trade Mark21/09/2015
Canon Australia Pty Limited Trade Mark07/05/2016
Canterbury International (Australia) Pty Ltd Trade Mark01/12/2014
Carolina Herrera Ltd Trade Mark20/12/2016
Caroma Industries Ltd Trade Mark12/01/2016
Carte Blanche Greetings Limited Trade Mark23/05/2018
Carte Blanche Greetings Limited Trade Mark28/07/2014
Cartier International A.G. Trade Mark07/06/2015
Casio Keisanki Kabushiki Kaisha Trade Mark07/09/2014
Caterpillar Inc Trade Mark30/04/2016
CBSA Investments Pty Ltd Copyright19/11/2017
Celgene Corporation Trade Mark11/05/2015
Celgene Corporation Copyright11/05/2015
Celine SA Trade Mark06/07/2015
Centurion Garage Doors Pty Ltd Trade Mark02/04/2017
Cepia LLC Trade Mark04/05/2015
Champion Parts Pty Ltd Trade Mark16/08/2016
Chanel Limited Trade Mark03/04/2016
Ch'i International Ltd Trade Mark17/04/2017
Chivas Holdings (IP) Limited Trade Mark03/04/2017
Chloe S.A.S. Trade Mark22/09/2015
Choon's Design Inc. Trade Mark12/06/2018
Choon's Designs Inc Copyright12/06/2018
Christian Dior Couture SA Trade Mark16/11/2014
Christian LOUBOUTIN SA Trade Mark15/06/2016
Church & Dwight (Australia) Pty Ltd Trade Mark18/10/2014
Church & Dwight Co, Inc Copyright02/08/2017
Church & Dwight Co, Inc Trade Mark18/10/2014
Cipo and Baxx Pty Ltd Trade Mark12/10/2015
Cisco Technology Inc. Trade Mark28/05/2016
Clark Equipment Company Trade Mark18/12/2017
Cloud B, Inc Trade Mark19/04/2017
Cloud B, Inc Copyright02/07/2017
Coathurst Pty Ltd Trade Mark02/04/2018
Coca-Cola Company, The Trade Mark13/04/2015
Colgate-Palmolive Pty Ltd Trade Mark23/06/2015
Columbia Pictures, Inc. Trade Mark29/11/2014
Columbia Sportswear Company Trade Mark28/02/2016
Columbus Export Import Pty Ltd Trade Mark13/02/2017
Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Defence Copyright23/10/2017
Compact Design Pty Ltd Trade Mark24/01/2016
Compagnie de Saint-Gobain Trade Mark27/11/2016
Compagnie Des Montres Longines, Francillon S.A. (Longines Trade Mark11/09/2016
Conair Corporation Trade Mark17/02/2018
Conquest Sports (Aust) Pty Ltd Trade Mark29/01/2016
Consitex SA Trade Mark22/07/2015
Country Road Clothing Pty Ltd Trade Mark07/12/2014
Country Road Pty Ltd Copyright06/03/2016
Cousin Corporation of America Trade Mark01/02/2015
Crayola Properties, Inc Trade Mark18/09/2016
Cricket Australia Trade Mark20/12/2015
CROCS Trade Mark10/12/2014
Crown Laboratories, Inc. Trade Mark23/06/2018
Cue Designs Pty Ltd Trade Mark01/11/2017
Daimler AG Trade Mark21/02/2015
Dale Robertson Copyright03/04/2016
DANJAQ, LLC Trade Mark28/08/2017
Danny Haile Trade Mark26/09/2017
Danoz Direct Pty Ltd Trade Mark04/04/2015
Darren Jackson (WOD Gear Australia) Trade Mark01/04/2018
Dart Industries Inc Trade Mark08/11/2017
Davidoff & Cie SA Trade Mark15/01/2017
Deckers Outdoor Corporation Trade Mark03/04/2016
Decron Horse Care Pty Ltd Trade Mark13/06/2017
Dematin Pty Ltd Trade Mark09/04/2018
Denis Kevin McFadden Trade Mark29/03/2015
Denis Kevin McFadden Trade Mark29/03/2015
Dennis Allan Hulse Trade Mark06/03/2016
Design by Flick Copyright03/07/2017
Diageo Australia Limited Trade Mark14/12/2015
Diesel S.p.A. Trade Mark08/07/2016
Disney Enterprises, Inc. Copyright07/03/2016
Disney Enterprises, Inc. Trade Mark26/07/2015
DKH Retail Limited Trade Mark04/03/2018
D'lite Food Pacific Pty Ltd Trade Mark06/01/2018
Dolby Singapore Pte Ltd Trade Mark18/08/2015
Dolce Vita Beauty Supplies Pty Ltd Trade Mark29/09/2014
Dorf Clark Industries Limited Trade Mark12/01/2016
Draagroik Pty Ltd (The Kiorgaard Family Trust) Trade Mark24/03/2018
Dragon Alliance South Pacific Pty Ltd Trade Mark07/04/2015
Duck and Cover Clothing Copyright03/09/2015
Duck and Cover Clothing Limited Trade Mark07/09/2015
Dunlop Manufacturing Inc Trade Mark30/08/2017
Duraflex Group Australia Trade Mark03/08/2015
Dux Manufacturing Limited Trade Mark12/01/2016
Dyson Limited Trade Mark22/12/2014
DYSON LIMITED Copyright22/12/2014
Elizabeth O'Connor-Cowley & Philip Cowley Trade Mark28/06/2014
Elizabeth O'Connor-Cowley & Philip Cowley Copyright28/06/2014
Elizabeth O'Connor-Cowley & Philip Cowley Trade Mark12/05/2018
Elizabeth O'Connor-Cowley & Philip Cowley Copyright12/05/2018
Eltham Woodwind (Importing) Pty Ltd Trade Mark27/04/2016
Endeavour Vineyards Pty Ltd Trade Mark27/12/2016
Energizer Australia Pty Limited Trade Mark26/10/2015
ENESCO, LLC Trade Mark08/04/2017
Entertainment One Rights Australia Pty Ltd Copyright02/09/2015
Eros Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark01/04/2015
Eros Australia Pty Ltd Copyright09/06/2015
Estee Lauder Pty Limited Trade Mark23/12/2014
ETAT PUR Trade Mark30/01/2017
Ettason Pty Ltd Trade Mark11/10/2015
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG Trade Mark24/12/2016
Facton Ltd Trade Mark07/10/2016
Famous Washing Detergent (Aust) Pty Ltd Trade Mark05/07/2017
Fantasy Tan Global Enterprises, LTD Trade Mark11/05/2015
FEIYUE HOLDING PTE LTD Trade Mark13/03/2017
Feiyue SAS Trade Mark08/03/2015
Felco Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark08/05/2017
Fellowes (Australia) Pty Ltd Trade Mark28/06/2016
Fender Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark27/10/2014
Fendi Adele S.r.L Trade Mark03/06/2015
Ferrari S.p.A Trade Mark15/06/2015
Ferrero S.P.A. Trade Mark15/10/2014
Fila Luxembourg S.a.r.l. Trade Mark10/05/2016
FitFlop Limited Trade Mark05/08/2015
Fizbag Limited Copyright09/07/2014
Ford Motor Company Trade Mark25/10/2014
Ford Motor Company of Canada Limited Trade Mark25/10/2014
Foster's Australia Limited Trade Mark02/01/2015
Fox Head, Inc Trade Mark05/05/2015
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. Trade Mark28/06/2016
Friedrich Munch GmbH & Co KG Copyright15/11/2015
Friedrich Munch GmbH & Co KG Trade Mark15/11/2015
Frostbland Pty Limited Trade Mark13/01/2016
Fuji Xerox Australia Pty Limited Trade Mark24/05/2015
Gabrielle Studio, Inc Trade Mark25/09/2016
GADO S.R.L Trade Mark10/10/2016
Gainsborough Hardware Industries Limited Trade Mark12/01/2016
GAIT Holding Pty Ltd Trade Mark28/01/2015
GB Forestry Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark26/05/2018
Geneva Laboratories Limited Trade Mark12/05/2015
Geoff Penney (Australia) Pty Limited Trade Mark11/05/2016
GEORG JENSEN Pty Ltd Trade Mark22/05/2016
George Jaksic t/a Geographics Group Copyright16/12/2017
Gianni Versace S.p.A. Trade Mark16/05/2017
Giorgio Armani S.p.A., Milan, Swiss Branch Mendrisio (formerly GA Modefine) Trade Mark11/06/2018
Givenchy SA Trade Mark12/03/2018
Gizeh Raucherbedarf GmbH Trade Mark05/03/2017
Gliderol International Pty Ltd Trade Mark12/01/2016
GLOBAL SHOP DIRECT PTY LTD Copyright06/08/2016
Globe International Limited Trade Mark28/02/2016
GM Holden Ltd Trade Mark23/08/2016
Goodyear & Dunlop Tyres (Aust) Pty Ltd Trade Mark25/05/2016
Gray-Nicolls Sports P/L Trade Mark12/09/2015
GSM (Operations) Pty Ltd Trade Mark21/01/2015
GSM (Operations) Pty Ltd Copyright23/10/2016
G-Star Raw C.V. Trade Mark25/06/2016
Guccio Gucci S.p.A Trade Mark03/04/2016
Guerlain S.A. Trade Mark13/04/2016
Guru Denim Inc Copyright01/08/2015
Guru Denim Inc. Trade Mark01/08/2015
GWA Taps Manufacturing Limited Trade Mark12/01/2016
Hager SE Trade Mark27/06/2017
Hamish Crawford Copyright09/02/2016
Hansa Agencies Pty Ltd Trade Mark16/08/2016
Hasbro International, Inc Trade Mark28/06/2016
HASBRO SA Trade Mark08/02/2015
Hasbro, Inc. Trade Mark02/07/2016
Hasbro, Inc. Trade Mark28/06/2016
Hasmukh Investments Pty Ltd -T/A Wonder Incense Trade Mark20/06/2017
HBI Branded Apparel Enterprises, LLC Trade Mark26/08/2015
HBI Branded Apparel Limited, Inc Trade Mark26/08/2015
H-D Michigan, Inc. Trade Mark03/08/2015
Hearst Holdings Inc Trade Mark29/11/2014
Heineken Brouwerijen BV Trade Mark20/11/2017
Helios Health & Beauty Pty Ltd Trade Mark26/02/2017
Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation (Australia) Pty Ltd Trade Mark19/03/2018
Hells Angels Motorcylce Corportation (Australia) Pty Ltd Copyright19/03/2018
Hermes International Trade Mark29/05/2018
Hermes International Trade Mark29/06/2014
Hewlett Packard Development Company, L.P. Trade Mark08/11/2017
Hillerich & Bradsby Co Trade Mark25/01/2016
HIT Entertainment Limited Trade Mark04/11/2014
Hoco Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark22/09/2015
Homeworker Code Committee Inc Trade Mark09/11/2014
Homeworker Code Committee Inc Copyright09/11/2014
House of Petite t/a Next to Nothing Copyright16/07/2017
Hublot S.A, Geneve Trade Mark30/09/2016
Huesker Synthetic GmbH Trade Mark15/11/2014
Hugo Boss Trade Mark Management Gmbh & Co. KG Trade Mark19/01/2015
Hungry Panda I.P. Pty Ltd Trade Mark21/12/2016
Hunter Boot Limited Trade Mark31/07/2017
Hyundai Motor Company Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark12/09/2017
Ian Hamilton Trade Mark21/06/2017
Ian James Burden Trade Mark09/10/2017
ICM Group Trade Mark10/07/2016
InBev Belgium S.A. Trade Mark23/12/2017
Industex S.L Copyright06/02/2016
Institut Esthederm Trade Mark30/01/2017
Intel Corporation Trade Mark05/05/2015
Interequip Pty Ltd Copyright30/04/2017
Interequip Pty Ltd Trade Mark30/04/2017
International Animal Health Products Pty Ltd Trade Mark13/01/2015
International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) Trade Mark02/07/2016
International Hair Cosmetics Group Pty Ltd Trade Mark08/07/2014
J Bloch Pty Ltd Trade Mark10/12/2016
J Choo Limited Trade Mark30/05/2016
Jack Daniel's Properties Inc. Trade Mark12/03/2017
Jansport Apparel Corp Trade Mark19/08/2015
Jemella Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark07/07/2015
Jet Pilot Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark18/08/2014
John Stamnas Pty Ltd Trade Mark07/03/2015
John Stamnas Pty Ltd Copyright07/03/2015
JPI Pty Ltd Trade Mark18/08/2014
Juicy Couture, Inc Trade Mark03/05/2017
Julie Okely T/A Yuk to Kids Trade Mark22/06/2015
Jumping Pillows Pty Ltd Trade Mark24/01/2018
Just Cuts Franchising Pty Ltd Trade Mark03/05/2015
Kabushiki - Kaisha (Sanrio Company, Ltd.) Trade Mark29/08/2017
Kabushiki Kaisha Bandai Namco Games -T/as Namco Bandai Copyright18/11/2015
Kabushiki Kaisha Sanrio Copyright11/02/2015
Kahlua AG Trade Mark18/11/2015
Karsten Manufacturing Corporation Trade Mark18/04/2016
Kate Spade LLC Trade Mark12/01/2016
Katoomba Trading Pty Ltd Trade Mark23/01/2016
Kenzo S.A. Trade Mark13/04/2016
Kevin Murphy Academy of Hair & Design Pty Ltd Trade Mark02/11/2016
Kevin Murphy Professional Pty Ltd Trade Mark02/11/2016
Kigu Pty Ltd Trade Mark27/06/2017
Kimberly-Clark Australia Pty Limited Trade Mark03/01/2016
Kizan (NZ) Limited Copyright21/12/2014
KNIPEX-Werk C. Gustav Putsch KG Trade Mark08/03/2016
Kyocera Corporation Trade Mark22/06/2015
L & T Trading Pty Ltd Trade Mark23/10/2016
Laboratoire Bioderma Trade Mark30/01/2017
Laboratoires La Prairie SA Trade Mark25/07/2016
Lacoste SA Trade Mark30/04/2016
LAERDAL Pty Limited Trade Mark19/11/2016
Lakai Ltd Trade Mark16/02/2016
LCS International B.V. Trade Mark07/09/2015
LEGO A/S Copyright14/09/2016
Leonda Enterprises Pty Ltd Trade Mark24/12/2016
Levi Strauss (Australia) Pty Ltd Trade Mark11/04/2016
Lifted Research Group, Inc. Trade Mark05/10/2015
Lion-Beer, Spirits & Wine Pty Ltd (LBSW) Trade Mark13/04/2016
Liz Claiborne Inc Trade Mark27/01/2016
Lockwood Brands Pty Ltd Trade Mark09/02/2018
Loewe SA Trade Mark01/07/2015
Lonsdale Australia Limited Trade Mark07/09/2015
L'Oreal Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark19/12/2016
Lorna Jane Pty Ltd Trade Mark29/03/2016
Lotto Sport Italia S.p.A Trade Mark07/05/2018
Louis Vuitton Malletier SA Trade Mark25/10/2014
LRC Products Limited Trade Mark09/11/2016
Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd LLC ( a California Limited Liability Company) Trade Mark29/04/2018
Lucky Brands Dungaress Inc Trade Mark12/01/2016
LVMH Fragrance Brands Societe Anonyme (formerly Parfums Givenchy SA) Trade Mark13/04/2016
LVMH Swiss Manufactures S.A. (formerly TAG Heuer S.A.) Trade Mark17/11/2014
Maggie Sottero Designs LLC Trade Mark19/06/2017
Major League Baseball Properties, Inc. Trade Mark29/11/2015
Make Up For Ever S.A. Trade Mark30/09/2016
Mambo Graphics Pty Limited Trade Mark15/08/2015
Manrex Pty limited Trade Mark18/11/2017
Manuel Paxton and Eleni Paxton Trade Mark20/08/2017
Marc Jacobs Trademarks LLC Trade Mark13/07/2015
Marc Nemorin and Ghyliane Nemorin Trade Mark29/05/2016
Maton Proprietary Limited Trade Mark22/12/2014
Mattel, Inc. Trade Mark27/08/2016
Maxflow International Group Pty Ltd Trade Mark16/09/2017
Maxim's Caterers Limited Trade Mark17/10/2015
Mazda Australia Pty Limited Trade Mark18/01/2016
McIlwraith-Davey Pty Ltd Trade Mark12/01/2016
Medela Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark23/10/2016
Melissa & Doug, LLC Trade Mark13/01/2018
Meta Management Solutions Pty Ltd Trade Mark08/11/2016
Meta Management Solutions Pty Ltd Copyright08/11/2016
Metallica, A California Partnership Trade Mark12/04/2016
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc Trade Mark23/09/2015
MI Overseas Pty Ltd Trade Mark01/07/2017
Michael Hill Franchise Pty Limited Trade Mark05/04/2016
Michael Hill Jeweller (Australia) Pty Ltd Trade Mark03/04/2016
Michelin Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark08/03/2016
Micro Mobility Systems AG Trade Mark02/09/2015
Microsoft Corporation Copyright21/03/2015
Microsoft Corporation Trade Mark18/12/2014
Milking Systems (Australia) Pty Ltd Trade Mark22/07/2015
Mimco Pty Lltd Trade Mark30/10/2016
Minelab Electronics Pty Limited Trade Mark30/11/2016
Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd Trade Mark27/05/2017
Mitsubishi Pencil Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark02/08/2017
Monster Cable Products, Inc. Trade Mark16/08/2015
Monster Energy Company Trade Mark22/10/2016
Montblanc-Simplo GmbH Trade Mark30/01/2018
Montres Breguet S.A. Trade Mark11/09/2016
Montres Tudor SA Trade Mark25/05/2016
Moose Creative Pty Ltd Trade Mark03/06/2018
Morganware Pty Ltd Trade Mark06/05/2015
Moroccanoil Israel Limited Trade Mark13/01/2015
Mountain Hardwear, Inc. Trade Mark06/03/2016
National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, Inc. Trade Mark28/02/2015
Nationwide Research Group P/L Trade Mark24/11/2014
Naughty Energy Pty Ltd Trade Mark17/06/2015
Navico Australia Pty Limited Trade Mark19/07/2017
NBA Properties Inc. Trade Mark23/03/2016
New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc Trade Mark30/06/2014
New Era Cap Co. Inc. Trade Mark04/05/2015
NewBoy FZCO Trade Mark17/02/2018
NGK Spark Plug (Australia) Pty Ltd Trade Mark25/10/2014
Nike International Ltd (Incorporated in Bermuda) Trade Mark23/10/2014
Nintendo of America, Inc. Trade Mark26/09/2016
Nissan Motor Co (Australia) Pty Ltd Trade Mark17/12/2016
Nixon Pacific Pty Ltd Copyright24/12/2014
Nixon Pacific Pty Ltd Trade Mark24/12/2014
Nokia Corporation Trade Mark28/03/2015
Oakley Inc. Trade Mark10/06/2015
Officine Panerai AG Trade Mark03/09/2017
Oldfields Pty Ltd Copyright12/03/2017
Oldfields Pty Ltd Trade Mark12/03/2017
Omega SA (Omega AG) (Omega Ltd.) Trade Mark11/09/2016
One Distribution SARL, a Luxembourg Limited Liability Company Trade Mark25/02/2017
Onnuri Pty Ltd Trade Mark13/11/2016
OPI Products,Inc Trade Mark26/10/2015
OPTI-PHARM Pty Ltd Copyright08/11/2017
OPTI-PHARM PTY LTD Trade Mark08/11/2017
Origin Earth Pty Ltd Trade Mark15/04/2017
OrotonGroup (Australia) Pty Limited Trade Mark01/03/2015
Otter Products LLC Trade Mark06/08/2017
Out Fit 7 Limited Trade Mark29/10/2017
Ozdare Corporation Pty Ltd Trade Mark02/11/2016
Ozdare Professional Pty Ltd Trade Mark02/11/2016
Pacific Brands Clothing Pty Ltd Trade Mark19/03/2016
Pacific Brands Footwear Pty Ltd Trade Mark19/03/2016
Pacific Brands Holdings (NZ) Limited Trade Mark19/03/2016
Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd Trade Mark19/03/2016
Pacific Brands Sport and Leisure Pty Ltd Trade Mark19/03/2016
Pacific Brands Workwear Group Pty Ltd Trade Mark19/03/2016
Packit Industrial Packaging (QLD) Pty Ltd Copyright19/09/2017
Packit Industrial Packaging (QLD) Pty Ltd Trade Mark19/09/2017
Paper Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark15/08/2017
Paper Australia Pty Ltd Copyright15/08/2017
Paramount Pictures Corporation Trade Mark20/11/2016
Parfums Christian Dior S.A. Trade Mark13/04/2016
Parvaneh Pty Ltd Trade Mark08/03/2017
Pat Chun International Limited Trade Mark13/10/2015
Paul Frank Industries LLC Trade Mark04/10/2015
Paul Smith Group Holdings Limited Trade Mark20/06/2015
Pelican Products, Inc Trade Mark12/12/2017
Perfetti Van Melle Benelux B.V. Trade Mark05/10/2016
Perfetti Van Melle SPA Trade Mark20/05/2018
Pernod Ricard New Zealand Limited Trade Mark15/05/2016
Pfizer Australia Pty Limited Trade Mark07/09/2016
Pineapple Trademarks Pty Ltd Trade Mark24/12/2014
Pineapple Trademarks Pty Ltd Copyright24/12/2014
Plantation Grown Timbers (International) Limited Copyright16/05/2017
Playboy Enterprises International Inc. Trade Mark02/08/2015
Pon Bicycle I B.V. Trade Mark20/06/2018
Porsche Cars Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark16/08/2016
Power Dekor (SA) Pty Ltd Trade Mark20/11/2017
POWERBOX A.G Copyright09/05/2016
Prada S.A. Trade Mark12/08/2015
Premium Wine Brands Pty Ltd Trade Mark26/04/2016
Procter & Gamble Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark20/06/2017
Procter & Gamble International Operations Pte Ltd Trade Mark20/05/2015
Procter & Gamble International Operations SA Trade Mark08/08/2016
PUIG FRANCE Societe par Actions Simplifiee Trade Mark20/12/2016
Puma Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark06/05/2015
Punch International Pty ltd Trade Mark25/07/2015
PZ Cussons Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark20/04/2015
QS Holdings s.a.r.l Copyright24/01/2017
QS Holdings Sarl Trade Mark08/02/2015
R. & Everything Else Inc Trade Mark05/03/2018
Rado Uhren AG (Rado Watch Co. Ltd) (Montres Rado SA) Trade Mark11/09/2016
Rapala VMC Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark22/02/2017
Red Bull GmbH Trade Mark28/11/2016
Red Dingo Pty Ltd Copyright26/04/2016
Research in Motion Limited Trade Mark04/05/2015
Retail Royalty Company Trade Mark25/07/2017
Rip Curl Pty Ltd Trade Mark19/04/2016
River Island Clothing Co. Limited Trade Mark13/11/2017
Rivers (Australia) Pty Ltd Trade Mark17/01/2016
Riviana Foods Pty Ltd Trade Mark06/10/2015
Robert Bosch (Australia) Pty Ltd Trade Mark12/10/2016
Rocket Australia Pty Ltd Copyright11/01/2015
Rocket Industries Pty Ltd Trade Mark21/12/2014
Rocket Trademarks Pty Ltd Trade Mark24/12/2014
Rolex SA Trade Mark25/05/2016
Rugby World Cup Limited Trade Mark23/08/2015
S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. Trade Mark02/01/2017
S.P.C.M. SA Trade Mark03/07/2017
Saba Trading Pty Ltd Trade Mark19/06/2018
Sabic Innovative Plastics Pty Ltd Trade Mark20/06/2017
Sam Ashry Trade Mark27/11/2016
Sams Watchmaker Jeweller Pty Ltd Trade Mark02/12/2015
Samsung Electronics Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark25/03/2018
SanDisk Corporation Trade Mark04/01/2015
Sandvik Intellectual Property AB Trade Mark02/10/2017
Sanofi-aventis Trade Mark11/02/2017
Sao Paulo Alpargatas S.A. Trade Mark08/12/2014
SAS Jean Cassegrain Trade Mark04/04/2015
SBC FOODS Pty Ltd Trade Mark23/12/2015
Schaeffler Technologies GmbH & Co. KG Trade Mark02/08/2015
Schneider Electric (Australia) Pty Limited Trade Mark14/03/2018
Schwan-Stabilo Schwanhaeusser GmbH & Co. KG Trade Mark21/08/2016
Schweppes Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark28/06/2016
Scientrific Pty Ltd Trade Mark20/08/2014
SD-3C, LLC Trade Mark25/06/2016
SDI Limited Trade Mark21/02/2018
Seal Trademarks Pty Ltd Copyright24/12/2014
Seal Trademarks Pty Ltd Trade Mark24/12/2014
Seiko Holdings Kabushiki Kaisha T/A Seiko Holdings Corporation Trade Mark05/08/2015
Seiko Watch Kabushiki Kaisha T/A Seiko Watch Corporation Trade Mark01/07/2015
Seven Towns Limited Trade Mark09/03/2015
SGG LISCO LLC Trade Mark07/03/2017
Shepard F. Fairey Trade Mark03/10/2016
Sheridan Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark19/03/2016
Shimano Australia Pty Limited Trade Mark05/03/2016
Simplot Australia Pty Limited Trade Mark04/07/2016
Sisco Textiles NV Trade Mark24/01/2017
Skullcandy, Inc Trade Mark17/06/2015
Sleepcraft Distributors Pty Ltd Trade Mark02/10/2016
Smith IP Limited (As Trustee for the Smith IP Trust) Trade Mark26/09/2015
Snack Foods Limited Trade Mark02/08/2017
Sole Technology Inc. Trade Mark15/12/2015
Sony Computer Entertainment Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark13/03/2016
Sony Corporation (also trading as Sony Kabushiki Kaisha) Trade Mark23/08/2016
Sortec Ly - (Big Island Ideas) Trade Mark31/05/2017
Sortec Ly (Big Island Ideas) Copyright31/05/2017
South Cone, Inc. Trade Mark05/08/2015
Southern Comfort Properties, Inc Trade Mark14/05/2016
Specialized Bicycle Components Inc Trade Mark25/09/2017
Speculative Product Design Inc Trade Mark01/09/2015
Spirits International B.V. Trade Mark27/03/2016
Spirits Product International Intellectual Property B.V. Trade Mark27/03/2016
Spyder Active Sports, Inc Trade Mark26/09/2016
SRI Sports Limited Trade Mark11/02/2015
Starcorp Holdings (NSW) Pty Ltd Trade Mark09/08/2017
Starion Tapware Pty Ltd Trade Mark12/01/2016
Steven Allen Shubin Trade Mark05/07/2017
Steven Furlonger Copyright05/02/2018
Stikki Products Pty Ltd Trade Mark31/08/2014
Stokes (Australasia) Limited Trade Mark18/01/2015
Strong Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark26/08/2015
Studio Moderna SA Trade Mark14/10/2014
Studio Peyo SA Trade Mark14/08/2017
Stylus Pty Ltd Trade Mark12/01/2016
Suasday Chau Trade Mark12/07/2017
Sufyan Bhutta Trade Mark18/06/2017
Sumabe Holdings Pty Ltd Copyright20/08/2014
Sunshades Eyewear Pty Ltd Trade Mark01/02/2017
Susan Patricia McKenzie Trade Mark15/05/2016
Suzuki Australia Pty Ltd Trade Mark18/12/2016
Swarovski Aktiengesellschaft (Swarovski AG) Trade Mark04/10/2017
Swatch AG (Swatch SA)(Swatch Ltd.) Trade Mark11/09/2016
Sydney Fish Market Pty ltd Trade Mark29/04/2018
Sydney Fish Market Pty Ltd Copyright29/04/2018
Tanksnake Pty Ltd - Gregory Leslie Lewis Trade Mark14/07/2014
Tea Forte, Inc Trade Mark16/07/2017
Techtronic Industries Australia Pty Limited Trade Mark23/09/2017
Texas Instruments Incorporated Trade Mark20/07/2016
Thane International, Inc. Trade Mark01/04/2015
The Absolut Company Aktiebolag Trade Mark05/06/2016
The Aird Group Pty Ltd Trade Mark15/05/2017
The Aird Group Py Ltd Copyright15/05/2017
The Body Shop International plc Trade Mark16/11/2016
The Cartoon Network, Inc Copyright29/01/2018
The Cartoon Network, Inc Trade Mark29/01/2018
The Decor Corporation Pty Ltd Trade Mark16/05/2015
The Gates Corporation Trade Mark05/08/2015
The Glenlivet Distillers Limited Trade Mark03/04/2017
The H.D. Lee Company Inc. Trade Mark19/08/2015
The North Face Apparel Corp. Trade Mark19/08/2015
The Pacific Cigar Company (Australia) Pty Limited Trade Mark19/09/2017
The Polo/Lauren Co LP Trade Mark25/03/2015
The Timberland Company Trade Mark16/03/2015
The Wiggles International Pty Ltd Trade Mark14/12/2015
The Woolmark Company Pty Ltd Trade Mark28/03/2017
Thomas Pink Limited Trade Mark18/08/2015
TIC Group Pty Ltd Trade Mark10/05/2016
Tiffany and Company Trade Mark26/09/2016
Tissot S.A. Trade Mark11/09/2016
TiVo Brands LLC Trade Mark11/10/2016
TKS, Societe Anonyme Trade Mark10/11/2015
Tommy Hilfiger Licensing LLC Trade Mark05/05/2015
TomTom International B.V. Trade Mark09/03/2016
Top Gear Pty Ltd Trade Mark19/08/2014
Torquay Enterprises Limited Trade Mark09/03/2015
Totseat Limited Trade Mark22/01/2017
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha Trade Mark17/12/2016
Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited Trade Mark25/03/2018
Trangia AB Trade Mark23/02/2015
Transtech Research Pty Ltd Trade Mark02/05/2018
Treasury Wines Estates Australia Limited Trade Mark11/08/2015
TreeFrog Developments, Inc Trade Mark06/02/2017
Trend Imports Pty Ltd Trade Mark25/06/2014
Trijicon Inc Trade Mark09/09/2017
Trimex Pty Limited Trade Mark02/10/2016
TriStar Pictures, Inc. Trade Mark29/11/2014
Truong Giang Corportation Trade Mark26/03/2018
TSM Pacific International Pty Ltd Trade Mark27/02/2017
Turbosmart Pty Limited Trade Mark21/09/2016
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation Trade Mark18/11/2015
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation (The Simpsons) Trade Mark29/09/2015
UHU GmbH & Co KG Trade Mark01/12/2015
Under Armour, Inc. Trade Mark29/11/2015
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Trade Mark21/11/2015
Unilever Australia Limited Trade Mark13/02/2016
Unity Agencies Pty Ltd Trade Mark03/10/2015
Universal City Studios LLLP Trade Mark07/04/2015
Universal Music Australia Pty Limited Copyright01/05/2016
Valve Innovations LLC Trade Mark11/03/2015
Vans, Inc Trade Mark31/07/2016
Vapur, Inc Copyright28/07/2015
Vapur, Inc. Trade Mark28/07/2015
Vertical Leisure Ltd (UK) & Dance4me Pty Ltd (AU) Trade Mark16/11/2014
Viacom International Inc/ Viacom Overseas Holdings C.V Trade Mark22/11/2016
Viaspan Pty Ltd Trade Mark10/08/2015
Victorinox A.G. Trade Mark24/02/2016
Vok Beverages Pty Ltd Trade Mark27/04/2015
Volvo Trademark Holding AB Trade Mark14/06/2015
Vorgee Pty Ltd Trade Mark13/03/2018
Waltford Pty Ltd Trade Mark16/06/2015
Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. Trade Mark03/12/2014
Warwick John Jonasen & Claudine Therese Jonasen Trade Mark03/10/2017
WD-40 Manufacturing Company Trade Mark31/07/2016
Wildchild Design Pty Ltd Trade Mark04/07/2016
Williams -Sonoma, Inc Trade Mark28/08/2017
Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company Trade Mark29/09/2015
Wirtgen GMBH Trade Mark11/07/2017
Witchery Fashions Pty Ltd Trade Mark30/10/2016
Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Trade Mark18/05/2016
World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc (WWE) Copyright12/07/2016
World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc (WWE) Trade Mark21/01/2017
Wrangler Apparel Corp Trade Mark19/08/2015
Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd Trade Mark08/02/2017
Wyborowa, Spolka Akcyjna Trade Mark31/07/2017
Xiao Trading Pty Ltd Trade Mark23/03/2015
XL Recordings Limited Copyright19/04/2017
Yahoo! Inc. Trade Mark12/06/2017
Yukio Hayashi & Associates Copyright01/04/2015
Yupoong Inc Trade Mark11/03/2015
Zen Imports Pty Ltd Trade Mark02/05/2016
Zino Davidoff SA Trade Mark11/03/2018
Zippo Manufacturing Company Copyright09/09/2015
Zippo Manufacturing Company Trade Mark03/12/2014
Zumba Fitness, LLC Trade Mark30/06/2014