Our Design and Corporate Project Office Branch was established in the last 12 months to strengthen our capability to manage change. The Branch is now fully staffed, working on a range of projects, delivering an integrated design and project service.


Design in Customs and Border Protection

We have provided design expertise to several key projects across the agency. In addition to project-based design, we facilitated a range of annual planning and prioritisation processes, and are working jointly with the Information Technology Division to begin establishing an enterprise architecture framework to enable Customs and Border Protection to strategically manage business and technology investments into the future.


Project governance and management

Project Management expertise and independent assurance services were provided for all of our major projects. Also, we provided leadership, mentoring, support and training in the ongoing development of the project and program management capability in Customs and Border Protection. 

Embedding design and project management capabilities

We have undertaken the development and testing of a significantly updated project framework and an associated interactive website for project-based staff, due to launch in 2009–10. We are continuing to liaise across government to ensure our forward framework and capability approaches are in line with the Government’s direction and industry best practice.

A range of design and project management training has been provided to staff, including Leading Design @ Customs and Border Protection to all SES staff, and Managing Design @ Customs and Border Protection to 60 of our senior managers.

Our design and project capabilities are still embryonic, such as enterprise architecture, program management, financial management systems, integrated business processes and strategic collaboration and partnerships. Our internal design and project capabilities require development as previously we have tended to contract these resources when required.

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