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Internal Affairs


Fraud control plan

The Customs and Border Protection Fraud Control Plan 2008–10 was completed and distributed. The plan included the Customs and Border Protection Fraud Control Framework which demonstrates a strengthening in process and allows for visibility and increased awareness of how to report unethical behaviour, as well as the coordination of intelligence and internal investigation. The plan complies with the Commonwealth Fraud Control Guidelines and complements the APS Code of Conduct. 

Intelligence capability

Customs and Border Protection Internal Affairs developed and resourced an intelligence function and capability. The building of the intelligence capability will assist in the identification of criminal activity (if any); the prevention and detection of inappropriate behaviour; and the identification of any compromise of staff, IT systems and information.

Fraud control and ethics training

Face-to-face Fraud Control and Ethics training was delivered to 2,416 of our officers throughout Australia. The capability supports the Customs and Border Protection Fraud Control Framework in the preparedness, prevention, detection and resolution of fraud-related activity.

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