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1.2 Organisational structure

Ministers and Portfolio

Customs and Border Protection is an agency within the Attorney-General’s Portfolio and is responsible to the Minister for Home Affairs, the Hon. Brendan O’Connor, MP.

The Chief Executive Officer heads Customs and Border Protection with the support of three Deputy Chief Executive Officers who lead national programs. Senior managers in all Australian States and Territories report directly to national program Directors or Managers. This structure is illustrated in the following diagram:

 Figure 2: Customs and Border Protection Organisational Chart as at 30 June 2009

   p11_image_01.jpgMichael Carmody
Chief Executive Officer
   p11_image_02.jpgMarion Grant
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Border Enforcement
  • Enforcement and Investigations Division
  • Intelligence and Targeting Division
  • Maritime Operations Support Division
  • Law Enforcement Strategy Branch
  • Border Protection Command
  • People Smuggling Intelligence 
   p11_image_03.jpgNeil Mann
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Passenger and Trade Facilitation
  • Passengers Division   
  • Cargo Division
  • Trade and Compliance Division
   p11_image_04.jpgLinda Smith
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Corporate Operations
  • Financial Services Division
  • Information Technology Division
  • People and Place Division
  • Corporate Strategy and Governance Branch
  • Design Branch
  • Internal Affairs Unit
  • International Branch
  • Legal Support

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