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Appendix 7. Correction of errors

The following errors were reported in our 2007–08 Annual Report:

Page 26: In Table 4: Performance Against Targets Set in the 2008–09 Portfolio Budget Statement – Output Group 2, the number of air cargo consignments examined should be 95,185. 

The published figure of 39,595 represents the number of targeted examinations only and is not reflective of all air cargo examinations undertaken in the 2008–09 period. The total number of air cargo consignments examined is 95,185.

Page 38: In Figure 15: Customs performance at the Container Examination Facilities, under the heading “Number of complaints formally received about CEF operations”, a figure of 99 was reported against “relating to brokers”. This was a very significant increase on the six instances reported in 2006–07. 

Understandably, industry interpreted this figure as 99 instances of complaints received directly about brokers. The figure was intended to represent the number of cases where clients were referred back to brokers because we were unable to provide a response, and brokers were the most appropriate entity to provide a response in the circumstance. This figure was in no way intended to report brokers in a negative way. 

In light of industry’s feedback, we reclassified these types of complaints to better reflect the intention of the performance measure.    

Page 119: Parliamentary Committee Reports. The report of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Australian Crime Commission Inquiry into the future impact of serious organised crime on Australian society in July 2007. The report was released in September 2008, not September 2007 as reported.

Page 120: Freedom of Information. In the final paragraph on p. 120 there is a reference to Section 8 of the FOI Act and a directive to Appendix B. The correct reference should be Appendix C.

Page 124 and 125: There was an administrative error identified on page 124 of the Australian Customs Service Annual Report 2007–08. SES staff numbers were underestimated. The correct number of SES staff in Figure 44 should be 67, bringing the total number of staff to 6300 to correspond with Figure 45.

Page 207: Workplace Diversity. The commentary relating to Figure 57 incorrectly stated that there was a slight decrease in the proportion of female and Indigenous employees but a slight increase in other groups compared with staffing figures as at 30 June 2007.

There was actually a slight decrease in the proportion of people with disabilities and Indigenous employees but a slight increase in other groups compared with the previous year.

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